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As I headed to bed I had no idea what to expect in the next few days. Brent had started out by just having me wear a single dildo in my pussy over night and in the matter of 3 days I was wearing 3 toys at night and in the morning a dildo to work. To m
Melissa kissed her husband on the cheek as he said goodbye and made it through the door. It was 7:30 in the morning and she had been up for about an hour, making him breakfast, fetching his paper and serving him coffee as he prepared for work. She usu
Dominating My Older Sister(An Incestuous Harem Story)Chapter Four: Sister-Slave's DominationBy mypenname3000Copyright 2017Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!Carmelita CampoThe vibrator died in my pussy. I shuddered, moaned, the rapture
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