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Simoneby Diomedes050465Gang BangedSimone Richards had been born poor white-trash and had married just short of her eighteenth birthday, a marriage that had lasted barely fifteen months, he had beaten her, whored her out to his friends and turned her i
WARNING: This story contains rape, torture, incest, and underage characters. Read at your own risk.Chapter 1:Berlin, Germany:The young man climbed up out of the bed, leaving the naked woman to silently cry. He looked out the window at the rainy city,
There is a creeping attempt to sanctify the truth in sexual literature in the name of social good. I see it here and in other adult literature boards. It is not the fault of the editors as they try to balance freedom of expression with staying off the
Twenty-one years ago my world was upended.Its never been the same. While what happened was minor, compared to what many people face in their lives, it has had a deep impact upon me.I had flown half way across the country to see my lover. We had not be
This was a 1,000 word competition entry.... enjoyAmy, Are you OK?Dont you hate that question? Especially when you are trying to kid the world that everything is fine! Right now, 22 year old Amy hated many things but her deepest loathing was for her ex