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After a fantastic week living it up in Cancun, it’s time for me, Violet, and the boys to head home. Our final bags are loaded in the shuttle headed to the airport.We both wait for Jacob and the rest of the boys, Ethan, Greg, and Tim. We were all
ME, MY GIRLFRIEND, AND HER BEST FRIEND: PART ONEPrologue:I was 19 years old in the summer of 1999.It was a Saturday night when my girlfriend Belinda and I went to a party at my friend Chucks house.It was like any of the dozens of parties at his place
Chapter 1: Training the body to break the mindLinda, I need you to calm down, try to focus on your breathing. Thats it, well done, your heart rate is slowing down a bit, we dont want you to die, we just need to train you, thats all. Linda was fixed to
Owned by the Club-Part 3On the day of the big run, everybody was leathered up. Our colors were flying. I was dressed in my jacket and a pair of jeans cut so short that they were more like panties. They barely covered my pussy lips. Most of the girls w
It was a week after my high school graduation, and my parents were away. So, of course, I threw a party. Nothing big - about 10 of us, equal parts boys and girls - and a lot of alcohol and pot. I was standing in the corner by the stairs with my girlfr