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Professor Edwards has been the star of many of my fantasies as of late. Sitting in her calculus class, it’s hard to pay attention to what she’s writing on the board when that ass of hers is the perfect definition of a bubble butt. Her grey
This happened many years ago, but I felt like sharing it with you guys. I was a single girl who was very comfortable with my sexuality. I was invited to stay with a college friend of mine (Emily) who lived in Los Angeles for a week during a summer. I
I was looking for a new apartment. They had continued to raise the rent at my current place. In fact it had gone up almost 50% in 2 years. A new owner had purchased the apartment a few months after I had moved in. Although they had made a number of co
Dodging rain drops as I ran out of the drug store on a December evening was not how I had planned on spending my night.As I dashed to my car I could see my breath and sighed in annoyance.I should have been on my way to pick up my new girlfriend for so